Krkal 2

Dráček Krkal is a puzzle action game. The player sees character from the bird’s eye view. Game is divided into several independent levels. The objective of each level is to go through the “maze”, while solving all the obstacles and make it to the EXIT. The main idea is therefore simple; its implementation however becomes hell in some (almost all advanced) levels.

Games such as Robbo, Boulder Dash (Supaplex), or Sokoban were an inspiration in the making of Krkal, but in the end Krkal found its own path. This is mainly thanks to a huge number of various “things”, “items”, or building blocks, which can be used to build a level. In addition the items interact with each other according to complex rules. The ability to build highly VARIABLE levels provides the opportunity to encounter a new element in each new level.

The story of the game is about a group of adventurers who are going on a journey into the dangerous world of Labyrinth. Will they discover the ancient civilization that built the Labyrinth? Will they get to know the secrets of the Labyrinth? Will they make their wishes come true? Or they will never come back like most of their predecessors?

Krkal also contains a Levels Editor. Using this editor every player with some experience may edit his own level. How to use the level editor is provided in the editor documentation.

Krkal 2 was created in the game engine of the same name in 2004. Engine was created as a project at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University and was further developed as a diploma thesis at the same place.
In 2018, on the twentieth anniversary, the game was improved and re-released.

Download Krkal 2.5 - 20th anniversary edition (license)
Source codes at GitHub
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