Freeware License

  • Program Krkal (all versions) is free to download, and it can be further distributed for free.
  • When distributing, the setup or archive must not be altered or bundled with unwanted programs (PUP). Krkal 2.5 setup is protected by a digital signature (Jan Krcek), make sure that the signature is valid when installing.
  • You get the complete game free. Program does not contain advertisements, micro-transactions or any unwanted or malicious code.
  • You may use the program, modify the games created within the system, create new levels.
  • You are using the program at your own risk. We do not assume any responsibility for any damages that arise relative to the use of the program.
  • It is not permitted to use Krkal as part of a commercially sold product without our consent.
  • All other copyrights reserved (c) 2018 P. Altman, J. Krček, J. Margaritov, J. Poduška, J. Frolík

Krkal 2

Game from 2004. To the twentieth anniversary (2018) the game was improved and re-released. Version history
Requirements: Windows 10, 8, 7, (xp?); DirectX 8.1 or newer
Download Krkal 2.5 - 20th anniversary edition

Krkal 1

Game from 1997. Currently is playable under DOSBox (settings).
Download Krkal 1

Krkal 3

Source codes are available at GitHub
Thesis (CS)