2018-08-23 You can play Krkal 1 directly in browser
2018-06-01 Krkal 2.5 - 20th anniversary edition is out!
Finally, we're done! Krkal again runs on modern computers, it contains a number of new levels, including 12 exclusively logical and difficult. There are many improvements and changes that make Krkal a complete game.
2016-10-23 Preparing new version 2.5
For the 20-th anniversary we are preparing a new version of the game Krkal 2!
We want to finally complete the job. We have level unlocking, story line, new levels and tens of details finished and functional. With 2.5 we are not promoting the game engine, instead we concentrate just on the game. We are making remastered edition of the classics from years 1997 and 2004.
2004-07-02 KRKAL version 2.4 english
We released english version of KRKAL 2.4.