K2 Game Controls

  • character movement: arrow keys
    • You can move in four basic directions only – you cannot move diagonally.
    • You may hold more arrow keys at once, in which case you will move in one of the directions available at the moment, the last pressed key is preferred. This is a priceless quality in various mazes.
  • switching between characters: TAB
    • in some levels you have multiple characters
    • sometimes it is possible to switch between the characters, other times they are all controlled at once (when then for example you press right arrow - all characters will move right)
  • using a bomb: Z
  • using a mine: X
  • pick up a traffic sign: A
  • placing (and/or turning) a directional sign: 1+directional key
  • placing do not enter: 2
  • placing sixty: 3
  • placing end of sixty: 4
  • back to the main menu: Esc

A player character can collect certain items. A maximum of 12 pieces of each item is allowed. Most items get picked up automatically, as soon as the character enters the cell. With these items it is not possible to decide whether you want them or not. An exception are signs, they are collected using a special key ‘A’.

The collected items cannot be disposed of without a reason. Some items can be used with a special key (see above). Other items are used automatically - e.g. key is used always, when a player wants to enter a cell which a lock. Here I want to point out one sneaky thing - if a player has a key and some force makes him enter (e.g. sliding on ice) a cell with the lock - then the lock will always unlock, whether the player wishes it or not.

  • switch to the script editor: F1
  • switch to the level editor: F2
  • switch to the game main menu: F3
  • quit Krkal: F4
  • switching between full screen and windowed mode: Alt+Enter